Hello and welcome to VikiWishes! My name is Victoria Koida, and I am the creator of the well-known Ukrainian website, Pobazhajko, specializing in congratulations and electronic cards in Ukrainian. Despite the challenging circumstances in my country, I find joy in bringing happiness to people's lives.

About Me

I have a passion for crafting creative ideas for cards, and while my English might not be perfect, I hope the warmth and sincerity behind my creations shine through. If you happen to spot any errors on the site, I appreciate your understanding and patience.

VikiWishes is an extension of my desire to spread joy and positivity. It's a platform where I can share my heartfelt wishes and greetings with a broader audience. Every design and message is crafted with the intention of making your special moments even more memorable.

Your Feedback Matters:

I value your thoughts and feedback. Whether it's a suggestion, a greeting request, or just a friendly hello, hearing from you brightens my day. Feel free to connect with me through the provided contact information.

Creating and maintaining VikiWishes requires time and effort. If you appreciate the content and would like to support me and my family, I welcome any donations. Your generosity goes a long way in keeping the spirit of VikiWishes alive.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]
Our Address: 18/6 Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred Avenue, Sofiivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv Oblast, 08147

Thank you for being a part of the VikiWishes community!