Age Calculator

Select Year, Month and Day and we calculate for you birthday infomation.

Our age calculator has a lot of functionality. It can be useful to plan the purchase of gifts or the selection of wishes for your dearest people. You can find many more ideas for using the birthday age calculator.

Age calculator by date of birth

We have made the simplest functionality for calculations, just select your or your significant other's birthday. 

What the calculator can do?

  • How old you are, days right now. We show the exact age to days. This can be an interesting statistic.
  • When half of your birthday is. This is important when you want to surprise someone with this accuracy, also children are often congratulated on such important dates.
  • How much time is left until your birthday. It is important when you are pedantic and plan everything so detailed.
  • Golden Birthday Date. A golden birthday year is the year when a person's age is the same as their date of birth. For example, a person who celebrates his or her birthday on May 15 will have a golden birthday in the year when the person turns 15 years old.
  • Your jubilee(Anniversary) Date Calculator. We will show you when you turn 5 years old, 18 years old, 21 years old, 30 years old, 50 years old. You may need this when making unique birthday wish words.
Birthday Age Calculator

Have you counted how long until your birthday? How's that for early and late birthday greetings?

  • Yo, happy half-birthday, dude! Can you believe it's been six months already since you rocked this planet? Here's to celebrating the halfway mark between last year's epic bash and the next one coming up. Keep slaying!
  • Hey there, birthday buddy! Just a heads-up, we're exactly a month away from your big day! Time to start prepping for the ultimate shindig. Get ready to turn up and make some unforgettable memories!
  • Oops, I missed the memo! Happy belated birthday, my bad! Hope you had a blast last month and soaked up all the birthday love. Let's catch up soon and make up for lost party time!
  • Dude, I'm not late this time! Happy birthday, man! Hope you had an awesome day yesterday filled with all the things that make you smile. Now that the confetti has settled, let's keep the celebration going! Cheers to another year of epic adventures!